Friday, June 6, 2008

Passive Income Continues

Well, I have been keeping up my goal of posting 3 or more things on Amazon or eBay a day and I am building up a nice inventory of items. Does anyone else find eBay obsession forming??? I want to check it hourly!! Books are a lot easier to list, since all you really need is the ISBN#. Items on eBay are a little harder, since I need to take good photos of them first and all that. I find I tend to put several eBay things on at once and Amazon items regularly everyday. I need to do that differently, I think. Otherwise, what happens is the auctions all end at once and I am scrambling to mail things out. A better way for me to do it is to take a lot of photos of things all at once, but then post them one at a time so the auction expiration dates are spaced out. The good news is, I just heard from my mother (who is my eBay item source) that she has in her basement an incredible, amazing item... the steering wheel from my father's orignal 1968 Shelby Mustang.

This was the car he agonizingly had to sell when my mother and he got married. I had heard about the car for years - that my father was the original owner and had driven up to the factory to pick the car up - and how angry he was when he found the speedometer had 5 miles on it when he got there. What I never heard was that my father had apparently kept the steering wheel - and my mother still has it.

It is odd to me to think she not only packed it, but moved it. Steering wheels are not exactly the most convenient things to pack. I am going to have to do some research before I post it. This isn't just a common everyday drain stopper.


passivefamilyincome said...

Dawn - I am interested in finding out more about your Amazon & eBay experiences. I do not use either but am looking into it. Are you selling only your own personal items, or do you offer other items for resale? As far as the auctions, I find myself very addicted to Prosper and its bidding process which is somewhat similar to eBay (I guess).

Dawn said...

Thanks for the comment! You are probably not alone in wanting to know more how that works - I've had good luck with eBay, but not much with Amazon - I'll try to write more about it today.

I've started an account over at Prosper too, but I went with the portfolio plan since I have so many other things going right now. I'm excited about the possibilities though.