Monday, June 9, 2008

Begining of the Week Reflections

The number to the right is slowly growing. I finally got my t-mobile check. So that adds another $50.00 - and I have sold several eBay items. I've been offered/given a few more eBay items from dear friends and family so that is exciting - especially as the Amazon books don't seem to move much. I may have to look for another outlet for those.

One of the big things I am thinking about is the impending move. My ex is going to be out on the 21st, and I will have the following week to move in. Have I mentioned that I hate moving? A Penny Closer has an interesting article about his brother's move. Fortunately, mine isn't that bad. I am only moving about 7 blocks or so, and I don't have that much furniture - I don't even have a couch! When I moved out I did one of those "rent a truck for $19.99" things. You know what? It came to a lot more than $19.99!! Charges per mile and whatnot piled up and it ran me nearly $100. A friend of mine said that when she and her husband moved recently they ran into the same thing.

I am trying to figure out my options. The way I see it, I could move most of my small things myself and with help of friends. The things that won't fit in my car, I am going to have to get a vehicle for. I need to see if someone in town has one I could borrow, or I saw a moving company on Craig's List that looks like they are looking for work. I might jot down what I have and get a quote from them. If I can have them move the heavy stuff cheap enough, it may be worth it. It certainly won't be any harm getting the quote and I'll see where I go from there.

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