Thursday, November 6, 2008

How I am Earning Money From 3 Jobs... In One Day

That's right, yesterday I brought in income from three different sources (and actually there is a fourth bonus one I'll put at the end.) While non-passive dollars-for-hours income can be draining, there are only so many hours in a day after all, if you can work it out in such a way that it isn't stressful, it can be really rewarding. Here's what I had going on yesterday:

1.) Day job. I work a standard 40 hour a week salaried job for which not only do I get a paycheck, I also get vacation time. I am using some of that vacation time this week for my second job:

2.) Part-time temp. work. I have two sources currently for limited time part-time jobs. These jobs run for a week to six weeks and are mostly on the weekends or evenings. This week, I'm using that aforementioned vacation time so I can work every evening. Honestly, the hourly pay is pretty low, however I absolutely love what I do and the fantastic people I work with. Also because it is limited in term, I don't get burned out, so it is something I look forward to doing.

3.) Mystery Shopping. On my lunch hour I ran out and did some secret shopping. I just started working for a new company, so we'll see how this goes. If everything works out, I will have two different companies that I work for. These really don't pay much, for example, I will get $12 for this shopping trip. However, small checks can add up, and I'll get $12 for time that I usually spend sitting in the company lunch room! I would love to have a mystery shopping job about once a week. That would be perfect!

And there is the bonus income...

4.) I have over 200 books, cds and DVDs listed on Amazon and right now. Unfortunately, I didn't sell a book yesterday, though usually I average one a day. I still consider it bringing in income because it is out there always working away for me. The trick is simply to find the right buyer! This is a favorite income stream of mine because while it takes a little while to list them, there are no fees or additional work until they sell.

Also, my expenses this week are really low, so I am saving quite a bit. Because I am never home, I'll do well on utilities and because I am always working, I won't be spending money - I don't have time to go to a store. Plus, I cooked a bunch of meals over the weekend (knowing this week would be busy) so I am eating healthy low cost meals at home. It works out all the way around. It almost makes me wish I could keep up this pace!

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Serendipity said...

This post was very inspiring. I was having trouble trying to fathom how to make extra money myself but your motivation reminds me whether theres a will, theres a way. Thank you. :)

Dawn said...

Hey there! I am so glad I could help!! There are lots of other ways you can earn money. Check out Moolanomy's article on 40+ Alternative Ways to Make Money:

This was one of the articles that really got me going with lots of ideas on how I could earn more each month.