Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Small Checks Can Add Up

Well, here we are nearly at the end of the month and I haven't been doing very good on my goal this month. Thank goodness I had such a windfall last month! Part of the problem for this month was that I wasn't able to do much in the way of non-passive income. The last couple of months I have been able to pick up some extra work here and there, this month I didn't have anything.

I did complete my first secret shopping assignment, but that was just for reimbursement for lunch. I noticed on their job board today there were a number of assignments available in my area so I applied for a few. I was accepted for one so far. It only pays $10, but it also offers a $15 reimbursement for food. I'm going to the same friend along who went on the last one with me. It was fun going together and he helped me keep track of certain details - since note taking is naturally verboten! Tracey, another friend of mine, told me that when she used to do secret shopping that they started you with "easy" assignments and then as you proved yourself she was given better and better assignments. I hope that system is still in place and I can continue to do a good job and get offered additional assignments.

In other small check news, I just got a confirmation from MyBoneYard.com that they received my cell phone. They are a site where you can recycle your used electronics. For my cell, they are going to send me a $8 Visa card. Not bad, considering I no longer have any use for it.

I continue to add books, DVDs and now CDs to Amazon and Half.com. I almost have all of Catie's DVDs listed. Tommy gave me a bunch of CDs and books to list so I am working my way through those as well. Once those are up and running I plan to get more eBay items going. The problem is there is only so many hours of the day, and I can only do so much. Still, with this big defict for August, it is going to make September tough if I can't meet my goals.

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