Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mystery Shopping Feedback

So, here is the feedback I got back from my Mystery Shopping last Friday. I am changing the names and so forth to protect the innocent -

Dawn XXXX,

Thank you for the excellent job on your (name o' restaurant here) report! We especially appreciated how quickly you submitted it. We noticed a couple of point reductions that slipped through without written statements (server suggesting XXX, employee giving lunch punch cards). As it states in our instructions, we require that EVERY point reduction (ZERO or NO answer) must have a written statement clearly explaining the reduction, even if the sentiment appears understood. This includes simple yes/no answers! Any NO answer means the employee loses points for this item, so we still need an explanation for this reduction in your own words. Without the written support, we had to return these points to the employee when we submitted the report to the client. Also, please make sure to send in your receipt for reimbursement of this shop IF YOU HAVE NOT ALREADY DONE SO. You may fax it to us or scan and e-mail it. HOWEVER, you may disregard this reminder if you have already sent in your receipt. We appreciate all your hard work! Have a wonderful day!
Interesting eh? I knew from reading their instructions that they wanted clear explanations on anything marked negative, but the two items I didn't comment about were just simple "no" answers. The punch card for example - I didn't even know the store was running a punch card promotion, so I just marked "no" on the question, but didn't consider it anything against the server. Now I know!

This "job" was just a reimbursement for lunch. I submitted my receipt the day I sent in my report, so let's see how they do. I will let you know when I see the reimbursement hit my account. It should be interesting.

Overall, I think the experience was a positive one and certainly one I would do again.

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Dawn - Thanks for the updates on your mystery shopping quest!