Thursday, August 28, 2008

Free Stuff Makes Me Smile

Yesterday I read a post by Frugal Chick about how she had been coveting the August issue of Vogue. Because she is being frugal (hence her sassy name) she wasn't going to buy it - even though she had picked it up a few times at the grocery store. Then lo and behold, she finds some magazines at work that someone was throwing out and she decided to take them home to recycle - and you guessed it, in the pile was a brand new August issue of Vogue.

I love that kind of thing - little unexpected gifts from the universe. Yesterday I had my own unexpected free find by the roadside - and no, it wasn't a dead raccoon!

I've been walking lately. I used to walk a lot, then I don't know - I sort of got out of it. Then during the whole divorce stuff I really got out of it. You know how exercise is supposed to be good for stress and when you are feeling bad it can boost your system and help you feel better? It seems ironic that those are the very times when I have the least inclination to get off the couch and stop eating my huge bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream. When I am miserable, sweating and being healthy sounds like a terrible idea. Sleeping late, drinking wine and indulging in comfort food seems like a better option!

Anyway, this week I started walking again. I've been a bit hardcore about it, trying to get myself back into some kind of routine. It isn't about weight so much as building up my stamina. Lately I've been feeling weak - walking helps me feel strong again. I'm an asthmatic and I find that when I don't do some kind of activity my lung capacity gets less and less. Walking helps me regain that so I've been walking 45-50 minutes in the morning before work and then again after work every day. (I've also been using exercise bands at night - and let me tell you something, they may seem lightweight, but my shoulders are feeling it today!)

So, last night I was out walking and I found a box marked FREE BOOKS. I'm a reader - and selling books on Amazon and Half, so how could I resist? The box was a mix of science fiction, non fiction and chick lit. I sorted through them and found four that I thought would be great for either reading or selling or both. I was tempted by the whole box, but didn't want to be greedy and as I was digging through a few other people walked up to peruse. I was only a little way into my walk when I found them, so then I had the dilemma - should I go back home or just carry the four books with me? And then there were the rest of the books - I was tempted to go back and get those as well. Ultimately I decided to just finish the walk, so for the next 40 minutes I briskly walked carrying four hard covers.

This morning I headed out again and once again walked by the box of books. It didn't look like anyone had taken any since I was there last night. It was starting to look like rain, so I didn't stop but kept on my walk, but then when I got home I got in my car went back and took the rest of the books. Good thing too, it started to sprinkle when I pulled in my driveway. I feel a little greedy, but on the other hand, if no one grabbed them and their owner didn't pull them inside the books would have been ruined. This way I can make sure they go to a good home. Anything that I won't read myself or that don't think I can sell (which is the majority of the popular science fiction) I will donate to our local library.

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LP said...

Now that's what I call a good find!

Dawn said...

I agree! It has been a bit like Christmas going through the box - there are some fun reads in here, plus things I can sell!