Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Night Slave DVD with Claudia Udy

So, here's something amusing: as I have mentioned a few times, I am selling Catie's DVDs online. She bought several lots of DVDs back on eBay some time back because at the time it was cheaper to buy a lot that had several titles in that she wanted, rather than buy each DVD separately. What this meant was not only did she get the DVDs she was looking for, she also got a bunch she didn't want. They've been taking up space and lately she has decided to clear them out. She sold a bunch at the garage sale, but what was left I've been posting for her.

Most of the DVDs I've been putting online are going for about $2 a piece. That's right - $2. Many of these are brand new, in the packaging. I am telling you, if you want to own a popular movie, NEVER pay full price. I am using $2 as my base line because that is what she had them priced at on the garage sale table - but some are as low as $.01! I am simply amazed at how cheap they are on and Amazon. (Of course, remember to look at the condition rating - you probably want something that is rated Very Good - New, unless you really don't want to pay much.)

What I have found though is that some movies are a little more rare. When there aren't quite so many in circulation, the prices tend to be a little higher. Some of Catie's movies I have listed in the $8 - $9. So, last night I was putting up movies and I went to post "Night Slave" staring Claudia Udy, Denis Smith, and Philip Wolfhart. Yes, that is the actual cover of this movie, right up there. What do you think it would go for, eh? $1 maybe $5?

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On it was listed at $59.00!! Over at Amazon you can get it as low as $48.00. (I have Catie's copy of Night Slave listed at $48.50.)

Just out of curiosity, I've been trying to find out more about this movie. I can't seem to find anything online. Even IMBD doesn't have much, just slightly more than what is on the back of the cover:

Enter the bizarre world of Thraxton Hall, where Jarvis, Lord of the Manor, indulges in his wildest, darkest fantasies! Part torture chamber, part Turkish bath, part homicidal nightmare, this ramshackle monstrosity is actually his imaginary creation, his escape from a dead-end existence, fueled by his passion for silent horror films. But maybe his fantasies are real... this passive video geek turns out to be a bit more then we bargained for! And to this crazy mix a beautiful, buxom blond, scantily clad in black lace and garter belt, who is terrorizes by Jarvis, and Nightslave explodes into reality with terrifying results. A black comedy with an edge, this is one-of-a-kind thriller takes you on a sexy horror ride you don't want to miss.
Apparently it came out in 1989, though I have to say, based on the cover I would have put it in the 70s. I mean come on - check out that Farrah Faucet hair!

I have to be honest - it makes me wonder if I will find any more treasures in bottom of the DVD box!


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cdreher said...

Dude. (Yeah, that's right, I said dude.) I am SO going through the remaining "I wouldn't pay $.50 for this dvd" box.....

Dawn said...

Amen!!! Girl - who knows what you have packed away in there! we just need someone to buy them....

Anonymous said...

Ummm, ladies - that's MY DVD. Lady D, remember when I purchased it after I read that amazingly horrible review and thought it'd be funny if we all watched it? :-)
Anyway, who cares where it came from, you'll hopefully get the big $$ for it.

Dawn said...

Hahahaaha!! Tracey - I didn't know this was yours!! (Obviously.) I remember now you telling us about this awful movie you bought for us to watch - but didn't know it was this one. No wonder Catie didn't seem to recognize it. I'll give you the same deal I gave her - 50/50. If it sells, we both win!