Monday, November 3, 2008

Thinking Ahead - Financial Thoughts and Goals for November

Overall I am very happy with the way October went. The great thing was that it didn't feel too stressful. You know, the downside to this "brilliant" plan of mine to come up with $900 a month is that each month it is a whole new challenge. Frankly some of these months have been really hard... but this one wasn't too bad. So, now I am looking ahead at November:

Here are some of my upcoming plans:

1. I have some "second job" part time work lined up. I have some that is starting this week and some that will start closer to the end of the month. The mixed blessing of that second job is that it runs through November to December - and I don't get paid until the work is completed. That means I can't really count on that latter one to be part of this month's goal. It will be great for December though.

2. Mystery Shopping - I have lined up a small Mystery Shopping assignment already and hope I can pick up a couple more. I just started with a new company, so we will see how that works, I have high hopes though! This has been a very small income stream for me, but a whole lot of fun!

3. eBay - I continue to list things on eBay. It is a fair amount of work though, I won't kid you. It takes me a few hours to put together the listings properly with good photos and good descriptions. This gives me my biggest "bang for my buck" but it is hugely time intensive.

4. Amazon and - Remember those boxes and boxes of books I bought at a garage sale...

I have been working very diligently to get those online. I try to list 6 a work day, which means, of course, 30 a week. I currently have over 150 books for sale online. Those boxes of books had a whole lot of junk in them though - I am doing a fair amount of sorting wheat from chaff, although frequently I list the chaff too! Those books must have been sitting in someone's garage for awhile, they are pretty dirty. Most need some cleaning and dusting off. Then I have a huge box of ones that have hard to remove stickers on them - I ask you, who puts non-removable price stickers on the covers of books?? Grr.... Despite my complaints, this is actually my favorite way to make extra cash. I love being a bookseller. The good news is that my mom just cleaned out her cookbooks and gave me a big bag to sell! They will be fun to list!

5. I just joined Pinecone surveys, a survey site that many bloggers seem to love. I'm excited to see how that pans out. Unfortunately, it isn't the kind of thing I can write too much about though. (Top Secret!)

6. Savings - I have lots (and lots) of savings ideas for the home and budget. I am going to be continuing working on those, 'cause lets face it - that is one of the easiest money making opportunities out there!

7. Things to come - I have a few other irons in the fire that I am working on too. There are some folks that I've been chatting with for other sales opportunities and things like that. I've also got some folks that want some help with projects (yes, family members) and that could ultimately help the bottom line too. I'll write about those as they occur.

8. Finally, just trying really hard to keep a good attitude and work hard. I need to take care of myself and push hard, but not too hard. Making my goals is important, but not at the risk of my emotional or physical health.

So, what kinds of things are you working on this month?

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Lise said...

This month my goal isn't really financial: I'm trying to put significant time in on the LARP I'm writing.

I was going to ask why you haven't tried to monetize your blog, but then I noticed a Google Ad down near the bottom of the page. Might you want to try putting it in a more visible place? Maybe text ads after each of your posts?

Problogger has a good article about maximizing profit on AdSense:

As always, best of luck with this month's goal!

Dawn said...

Hi Lise -

To be honest, I have tried a number of different ads & adsense on the blog, but in time I just got sick of them. They didn't make money and I felt they were detracting from the true purpose of the blog. I do put up ads of things I believe in - I had Prosper ads up when they were taking new lenders, I have Kiva ad, which doesn't earn income, but it is a program I support and am a part of, and things like that. I put the adsense in to fill a little space and break up the sidebar, but that's about it for now. Besides, frankly people don't come to my blog to buy things - that's pretty much what I try to tell people not to do! :)

Lise said...

That's fair. I have pretty much decided that it's pointless to monetize my blog, given the topic.

I disagree with a lot of the types of ads AdSense throws out there with personal finance topics(like for payday loans). I'll shill for things I believe in (and I have Amazon affiliate links for books I like, etc), but I dislike the idea of having no control over what ads are displayed.

Jennifer said...

I'd like to get my credit card paid off. I just sent $100 so that leaves $833.16. I also want to set my Christmas budget and get my list ready for December.

Frugalchick said...

I am ruthlessly cleaning out my closet this month--if I don't absolutely love it, if it doesn't fit perfectly or make me feel great--up for sale it goes. It's going really well so far!

I also want to get my sales back in motion--I am going to reassess my bookshelves and see if there's anything I can let go. I'm pretty sure there are some fashiony books I didn't get much out of.

Overall, I'm a lot more excited about November than I was a couple of weeks ago.

Dawn said...

Jennifer - great goal!! It looks like you are doing great with that credit card!

Frugalchick - I'm with you on being excited about November. I am actually looking forward to it too. That sounds like a great plan with your clothes and books!