Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Non Passive Income AKA The Second Job

My ex moves out of the house on June 21st. I will be able to start moving in on June 22. He will be making the June payment, so that figure on the right is really my June goal for July. The nine hundred needed is what I estimate I will need monthly (above the $440 in rent I am currently paying) to make the mortgage payments and utilities. Am I nervous? Oh yes, yes I am.

That's why I am considering a second job.

Now, the goal of this project is to "avoid foreclosure by getting nine hundred dollars more a month - without ending up in jail, dying of starvation or going insane" so I am trying to find work that meets this goal. Trying to work two 40 hour jobs, for example, would drive me crazy thus breaking the "not going insane" portion of my goal there. What I would like to find is some temporary part time work.

My friend Shelly pointed out two sources of potential income to me - both on the campus where I will be going back to school in the fall. One is that there is a job posting area on campus. They frequently have part time/temp type jobs that could fit in perfectly with my schedule. The other is that the campus is hiring "Contingency Employees." They are looking for a pool of part time/temp clerical workers for special assignments, fill in when people are out - that kind of thing. I sent in my resume for that, since that sounds right up my alley.

I'm going to keep my ear out for other opportunities like this. I've seen some bloggers that do Mystery Shopping and others that do freelance work. I'd like to see if I can more things along those lines to help fill in the gaps. If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them!


britt. said...

Hello there. My dad and I came across the same home circumstances three years ago when his and my mom's divorce was finalized. It was the farm that he had bought after graduating from college and they had built their dream home there for my sister and I - who have never known another home. Anyways, he opted to get a second job - high school teacher by day, mechanic by night. He did this for about a year (he was then diagnosed with colon cancer) and is now in a much better financial state. Money is actually not currently an issue for him. Good luck!

louise said...

getting work on campus can be a really good way to earn some extra money, and often the pay is really good.

think about actually calling in and seeing the clerical staff at each faculty and dropping off your details in case any students want clerical work done as often they ask the admin staff if they know anyone. leave them some fliers,

I picked up some tutoring this way a few years ago. Good luck! :)

Dawn said...

Britt -

Thanks for the support! Mentally I know other people have stuff like this before - but it means a lot more to me to hear personal success stores like your grandfather's!

Louise -

Great advice!! I like that a lot. I could easily make some fliers and drop them off, especially once I am on campus more.