Friday, June 6, 2008

I Have a Second Job!!!

Two of them, actually.

Shelly is amazing. She came through yet again for me - or maybe it is fate working through Shelly? In either case, I am incredibly excited. She emailed me and told me she is really, really short handed for the summer and is looking for someone to help out a couple nights and House Manage at the theatre. Would I be interested? Heavens Yes!!

I was a House Manager at a different theatre for years. It's a job I like and I feel I am good at. I enjoy working with the volunteer ushers and helping the patrons. It's one of those jobs that can be pretty hectic for an hour, quiet for two hours, then back to being hectic - which frankly, makes for a nice pace. It is also the perfect part-time temp work which is exactly what I need right now. So, emboldened by that opportunity I went after another one!

I doubt there will be much work for Shelly. I really wish there was, but I am assuming come fall she will have her full contingency of workers again - it is just during these summer months she is short handed. So, last night when I was at the theatre where I used to House Manage way back when, I ran into Mary Jo and asked if she needed help again. She does!! She said she would be happy to use me She'll have work during the fall, so it should all work out.

It won't be enough to get the nine hundred I need by a long, long shot. But this kind of thing will really help my bottom line - on top of being work I like and places I love.

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