Monday, June 2, 2008

Passive Income and Grocery Shopping

Good news! I sold my first book through Amazon. Yay! I shipped it off today. I also have three bids on items on eBay. Ok, one of them is from a friend (thanks Philip!) but still - things are moving along. My goal is to try to add a few things each day to online stores. This has a dual goal - it is earning me money towards my house payment goal and it is helping me sort out what I want to keep - and what I want to sell as I get closer and closer towards moving. I just got an email from the ex saying that it looks like I will be able to move in as soon as June 21st. Though scary, this is actually a good thing since it gives me over a week to conduct my move.

There is other good passive income news as well - $7.23 in earned interest from bank accounts. It may not sound like much, but "it is from pennies that dollars are made." Can you tell I am in a much better mood than I was on Friday?

I have lots I want to write about the weekend - so many good things happened. I will try to put all my thoughts together and post more about it later today. Mostly it is just so nice seeing a few things start to really happen - a great way to start a Monday morning.

Tonight I need to go shopping for groceries. For the last two months I have tracked my grocery expenditures. Want to know something funny? In April I spent $129.87. In May I spent $129.53. That is a difference of just $.34! The way I track grocery shopping is that it includes all food shopping whether it is at the store or the farmer's market. I include regular household items like dish washing soap and TP, but I do not include items that were bought there but for other uses - for example, I did not count the heavy duty dish washing style disposable gloves I bought to wear while doing roofing repairs - even though I bought them at the grocery store.

I am going to make it a goal to spend $125 or less (hopefully a lot less) on groceries this month. This may not seem like much of a stretch, but since I am going to try to eat out a lot less this month, I may be increasing my food bill. One way I am going to keep costs in line is to eat less meat. Meat tends to be a large part of my grocery bill. I'm not going completely vegetarian yet, just scaling back. Besides - it is summer in the midwest the farmer's market is going bursting with great veggies, now is the perfect time to enjoy them!

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