Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Making Money While Managing My Move

I now have several items listed with online auctions, some with Amazon and some with eBay. ....anyone need a 1950's recording of Camp Fire Girls? (C'mon - you know you want it!) My goal is to try and add things on a regular basis so I can keep a constant stream of items up for sale. So far I have hit my goal of listing at least three items per day.

The beauty of this is that not only am I selling my mom's stuff I am also selling my own - even (gasp!!) cookbooks!! I love books passionately and have always hated getting rid of them. When I moved into my little 400 sq. foot apartment, I mentioned to my mom that I had no room for a couch. She (blasphemously) suggested that if I were to get rid of some books (and their bookshelves) I might have room for friends. I told her the books were my friends! And besides, we could all sit on the floor.

I also love to cook, so it should be no surprise that I also love cookbooks. Getting rid of them at first seemed wrong, but after thinking about it, it just makes sense. What I have been doing is paring down my shelves to the books I love and use. All the rest are going up for sale and there will be no more buying of new books until all this is settled. This gives me two benefits: 1) I will get income from them and 2) I will save on expenses because I won't have to move them!

Now, I just know someone needs a Salads cookbook!

EDIT: You can now read about all my online book selling experiences at The Online Bookseller.

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