Wednesday, September 3, 2008


September's Goals:

- Get $900 (or more.)
- Post garage stall for rent.
- Replace 3 incandescent bulbs with CFLs
- Continue to list items on eBay, and Amazon.

So far the month has started off well. As I mentioned yesterday, I replaced 2 CFLs up north. I would like to do at least 2 more at home. As far as Half and Amazon go, I came in after the holiday weekend to see that three items (two books and one CD) have sold. That's always nice to see in the morning! One of the books was from the free box I found, which makes it even sweeter.

I've been hesitating listing the garage because I haven't completely cleaned it out. I realized the other day that the wrong way to look at it! Instead, I am going to get the ad out there and see what happens - while continuing to clean it out. If someone wants to rent it before it is perfect then I can finish the cleaning process then, but I can at least get the word out ahead of time!

One of my long term goals, though I am not including it in here, is to go back to school. I used my incentive check from the goverment this year to enroll in an online class from my local college. I already have my Bachelor's degree and actually want my Master's. However, I can't afford to attend a full time school right now and certainly not for a Master's program. Since I want to majorly change majors (ha!) I am taking community college classes in the feild - both to get me back in the scedemic pool and build up my resume when I apply for the Master's in a few years. I am very excited about taking my first class in over 10 years!

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So, what are your goals?

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