Monday, September 29, 2008

The reason to have an emergency fund

So, we financial bloggers talk a lot about what size our emergency fund should be, where to keep it, how to create one. Guess who is going to have to be using hers this week?

I'll give you a hint - it is the same person who hit a deer this morning on the way into work.


There was nothing I could do. I used my evasive driving skills to make sure that it was a "clean hit" - I hit it dead on center. Because it had first run into another lady's SUV - literally leaped into it, and then was thrown across the highway and (fortunately for me) skidded along the ground, hitting it center means that I ended up running over it. This was better than clipping it with corner, or running over with just one tire. My car did get damaged, however, and isn't really road ready, so it is at the collision shop right now.

My deductible is $500. I do have that in my emergency fund, so I won't have to put it on credit card or anything, but it certainly puts a damper in my spirit and dip in my back up funds.

It is too bad really, because I had been feeling pretty good about my financial situation, but what can you do? These things happen.

I will say this though - I had gotten a little looser with my purse strings lately. Not crazy, but just working on doing some home improvement projects around the house and a few little necessities I wanted. For example, there was purse at Target I had my eye on. It was only $20 and I even have a gift card that would cover half of it, so I felt like I was okay in getting it. Even though I haven't quite made my $900 yet this month, I did save a bunch and was going to be fine on my monthly bills, so I was going to allow a little birthday splurge. I have to say though, with all this, I am just too shell shocked. Looks like my little splurge will have to wait until next year.

Photo by Eric Begin


Budgets are Sexy said...

ouch, that sucks (i guess the deer moreso than you!) but i'm glad you're safe :) hitting deer, or anything for that matter, can cause quite some trouble.

Dawn said...

Hi there BAS! Yeah, the deer isn't going anywhere anymore. At least I am still mobile!

Debt Dieter said...

Wow a whole $10 on your birthday splurge! *lol*

You are allowed to spend money on yourself you know! :-)

Louise said...

glad you are OK! hope the repairs don't end up costing too much.

LP said...


Dawn said...

Debt Dieter - The problem is that I really can't. See a few $10 purchases and before long it is $100. This incident really reminded me that I need to be saving as much as I can right now.

Louise - I'm fine and I hope so too!!

lp - No kidding!