Friday, September 5, 2008

Pay It Forward Award!

Wow. Here I just get done writing about finding motivation and then, lo and behold, something rather nifty happens to me. Frugal Chick nominated me for the "Pay it Forward" award.

According to the rules, I must forward the award to other worthy PF blogs. The recipients can then:

1. Put the logo on their blog.
2. Add a link to the person who awarded it to you.
3. Nominate at least 5 other blogs.
4. Add links to these blogs on your blog – don’t forget this step. This is great free advertising!
5. Leave a message for your award recipient on their blog.

Of course this is all just fun and some of the folks that I am nominating may have already been nominated by someone else. There is no obligation to keep it going or link to me - no seven years bad luck if it isn't forwarded on or anything like that!

My Journey to Eliminate Debt - The author has just taken the plunge to become a freelancer. I admit, that is one of those "Someday" dreams of mine. I am really looking forward to hearing how things progress and picking up tips from her.

Passive Family Income - Talk about a great place to pick up tips. Just recently his July Recap alone gave me tons of ideas! I also like that PFI is not afraid to share what works for him, and what doesn't, and he gets down to the nuts and bolts of it. He is very good at explaining his strategies.

Financial Ramblings - FR is another one who gets into the nuts and bolts. I also like the quantity and quality of the research on this blog. It isn't just anecdotal evidence, FR digs into the facts and figures of finance.

Milk Your Money - Another blog that is jam packed with tips and tools to help you make the most out of your hard earned dollar. You know, one of the things I like best about personal finance blogs is those frugal ideas - I've picked up a bunch of them over here. I have also used a couple of their download-able forms - good stuff!

Jumbo CD Investments - Honestly, I think the title is a tad misleading, because there is a whole bunch here more than CD rates. This blog deals more with banking and financial investments, not just on individual products but on the banking industry in general.

Writing these nominations remined me a little bit of my series on all the bloggers I read. I am currently up to Part 3, which I hope to have written for next week.

Other bloggers I like:

Personal Finance Bloggers

Personal Finance Bloggers, pt 2


louise said...

thanks for thinking of me!

CD Rates Blog said...

Thank you so much for considering us. I will do my best to keep it going.

passivefamilyincome said...

Thanks for including me!

passivefamilyincome said...

Dawn - I may have broken the rules here, but I nominated you back for the "Pay It Forward Award". I think you deserve it. Great job on your site!

Dawn said...

Louise - Absolutely!!

CD - Great! It was a lot of fun for me.

PFI - You are most welcome

Dawn said...

PFI - Well, rules are made to be broken. Thank you so much!!!!