Saturday, September 27, 2008

Introducing the The Online Bookseller Blog!

Guess what? It's my birthday!! To celebrate I am unveiling a new little pet project of mine: The Online Bookseller. It is a brand new blog and I am very excited about it.

You know I watch my stats, right? I love seeing how many visitors a day I get and where they are coming from! Repeatedly I find that one of the main things new folks coming to Fighting Foreclosure are searching for is how to sell books, CDs, DVDs, etc. on Amazon, Half and eBay. But the information is a little hard to find here - I have it scattered all about through the months as I discovered new things. So, I decided to start grouping all those articles, plus adding additional about online selling information that doesn't seem to fit here, in one place - hence, The Online Bookseller was born.

I still plan on writing here about my ups and downs with selling books. After all, this is where I write about all my income streams and my financial struggles, but the nitty gritty how-tos, I'm going to put on the new site. That will make it easier for everyone to find the information.

The Online Bookseller is also going to be my place to try some new things out, see how they work. I have been playing with the idea of using a blog for some passive income, especially after reading the Writing For Your Wealth blog. (This is a great site. Anyone who is thinking about using their writing for income should check it out!) I've tried some affiliate marketing here on Fighting Foreclosure and I like it, but I'm not in love with it. I would rather clear some of the clutter off this blog and put the right information and advertising in the right places.

So, check it out my new blog see what you think! It is still under construction, I only have a few posts up so far. I would love to hear your feedback and suggestions!

This fabulous photo is by: Foxtongue


Lindsay said...

Thanks for the mention and compliment!

Good luck with the online bookseller blog. I think most readers (myself included!) have that secret desire to own a bookstore. Most of us can't swing the brick-and-mortar store, but online may be a bit more plausible. :)

louise said...

woops! I meant to comment on this post, don't know how it ended up on the other one :)

Dawn said...

Lindsay - I am with you. It has always been a pipe dream of mine too. I sometimes wonder if this isn't my chance to see what owning one would be like - a chance to fulfill that dream.