Monday, September 1, 2008

Personal Finance Bloggers

This is a post I loved:

7 Surprising Ways to Save Money

Now, quick - go over to and read it. You will be glad you did. Go ahead, I'll wait.

You all know why I started this blog - it was a way for me to put down ideas I had for keeping myself financially solvent and out of foreclosure. When I started writing in May foreclosure seemed like a very real possibility; I have a pretty large financial burden on my shoulders. It was my therapist who suggested that rather than spending time and energy worrying about the future and what might happen, why not take that drive and energy and put it into solving my problems - figure out a way to get the $900 a month I needed. I had (and still have) so many thoughts, so many plans - I needed somewhere to put them all down. I also wanted to track my journey. I needed a place to keep tabs on what happened along the way, and so Fighting Foreclosure was born.

But this blog has become more than that for me. It not only serves a place to write about where I am financially, but it has also introduced me to a number of wonderful people - some who are going through the same struggles I am, and some who have already gotten through times much harder than mine. I have picked up tips, learned new things - even made money, all thanks to the many bloggers I read. I have written about this before, but I am continued to be amazed and inspired by so many wonderful people.

Here's a few more examples of what I am talking about:

Passive Family Income - the author just wrote a great article about making money by buying furniture. I like this blog a lot, and this is one of the reasons why. I read his post and found myself looking at credit cards in a completely new way. I have always seen them as "bad news," but here he is making the system work for him. I'm too in debt to do this myself, but I really was fascinated by the concept.

My Journey to Eliminate Debt - you want to talk about motivation? Check out her post on Happiness: Now or Later? That made me think let me tell you! In fact, I had been debating about taking a class on something that could help my career, but I wasn't sure I had the money or the time for it. After reading her post I agreed with her - we make our own luck, especially when it comes to our careers. That day I started making inquiries on how to get signed up.

Frugal Chick - What I like about Frugal Chick is that she is not afraid to write about her budgets, and how she is doing. She inspires me to be more upfront about actual numbers and how I'm really doing. And I love that she isn't afraid to splurge once and awhile on gorgeous shoes - that's something I can certainly understand!

Even blogs that I wouldn't have thought I would learn from, I do. Jumbo CD Investments, for example. I'm not investing in CDs at this time and I wouldn't have normally picked up on his blog. But he posts a lot on the financial and banking world, (which I am now watching more closely) and is a great source for information, like in Have We Hit Bottom?

I've linked a several times to articles by Financial Ramblings. Lots of thought provoking things over there - like his thoughts on CFLs (which is a big topic with me) and I loved this post - Surplus Calories Cost More Than You Think (But How Much More?) As I commented on the post - it certainly made me look at the walking I've been doing daily in a new way!

Financially Simple is another one who has no problem laying it out there in what she is spending each week. Again, this is someone who inspires me to post numbers, and post often!

These are just a few on my blogroll, I will try to go through and hit each author that I regularly read and write a bit about how they inspire me. Of course I can't forget to mention PFBuzz. That's how I found several favorite blog - and continue to find new ones to read. PFBuzz has tons of great personal finance writers submitting articles. It's been a regular source for me. If you haven't already, you should check it and the authors I mentioned out.

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LP said...

Thanks for the very first link! I think pursuing my hobbies an practicing visualization are two things I really need to do more of in my life. This is an excellent reminder!

Dawn said...

Glad you liked it! And I am happy to link - I love pointing out articles and bloggers I like.

passivefamilyincome said...

Dawn - Thanks for the mention in your post. I like your blog a lot as well. I find that reading your posts help to keep me motivated over at my blog!

Dawn said...

PFI - You are most welcome! Motivation is so important - I am glad we can help each other out!