Thursday, September 25, 2008

Oh eBay, Won't You Be My Friend Again?

Back in July I had astonishingly good luck with eBay, but since then things have been really flat. I listed a number of things for sale in August and nothing sold. Since then I have been re-listing items here and there, but still, no big sellers. The disappointing thing about eBay is that if your item doesn't sell, there is still a fee. Not a big fee - it is usually under $1 - but a fee nonetheless. I hate that.

However, I've decided it is time to get off my duff and get more things up and listed. With the leaves on the tress changing, hopefully people will start thinking of holiday shopping. I still have things of my friend Jen to sell and a few things that other friends and family have given me. Tracey, another friend of mine, has offered to let me sell some furniture of hers on commission. We'll be chatting about that tomorrow.

My favorite sales by far are Amazon and (And more on that soon!) But I need to get out and hustle up some more shekels. I have done fairly well so far this month, and I have another $120 to add to that total once I get my house manager check, but I am still falling short. That means I need to get more irons in the fire, more things going. I can't continue to fall below my goal month after month.

I am going to try to clear out my spare bedroom, which is now an eBay holding tank. I admit I am always a little wary of Jen's things, only because all the boxes are full of cat hair and I have an allergy attack every time I go into them, but that is no excuse. The sooner I can get more money in, the better. all I need is a little free time....

Photo by: Phreak 2.0


LP said...

The little extra I was making on the side has also slowed down considerably this month. had been booming for me, but I've had no luck there lately. Same thing with Pinecone surveys, etc.

Phreak 2.0 said...

Thank you for using my picture!

Dawn said...

lp - eBay has been sooooo slow. Half and Amazon were abysmal last month but doing ok this month. I wouldn't mind a few more surveys myself!

Phreak 2.0 - Hey, thanks for stopping by! That's actually the second photo of yours I have used. I also loved this one: