Thursday, September 11, 2008

PF Bloggers, pt 3

I've been writing about the personal finance bloggers on my "must read" list lately. Here is part 3 in that series:

I get feeling that Debt Hater doesn't post as much now that she has achieved her goals by getting out of debt. Honestly though, that is one of the reasons I like her blog (not the lack of daily posts, of course) but the fact that she did it! She is out of debt and on to living her dreams. I love a success story. I also enjoy her fun sense of humor and great writing. She has a really interesting post about car insurance here.

Foreclosure Truth is another somewhat sporadic poster, but what I like about this blog are the facts. He tells it like it is. Many of his posts are about the housing market as a whole and how foreclosures are effecting us. I have to say though, that one of my favorite posts was his Foreclosures and Five Stages of Grief. One of these days soon I plan to write about my own responses to this post, since my own situation came out of a traumatic incident. For me this one really hit home.

Debt Diet is one of my inspirational reads - another person who is out there doing it. (Hmmm... it seems most of my favorite blogs fall into one of two categories - inspirational or informational.) Check out her A Year Ago Today post that talks about all she has been through and still kept going. A lot of people might have thrown in the towel with all her set backs, but instead she just kept on fighting!

Frugal Dad - So, in keeping with my Informational or Inspirational theme, this is a great informational blog. He's always coming up with tips and ideas as well as talking about personal finance in general. Lately he wrote a post called When it Comes to Emergency Funds, Size Matters. Not only did the title give me a grin, but the subject is one that is near and dear to my heart. Since I am still working my way out of debt, my emergency fund feels woefully underfunded, but this post helped me see it all in perspective.

The Simple Dollar is one of my "must reads" and it is worth checking back during the day because this is one of the most prolific personal finance writers I know. (And hey - I love to read!) One of the many things I like about his blog is how he continually drives home the same point - it isn't about being rich, its about peace of mind. Check out his recent post on Financial Success Isn't About Who Has the Most (or Best) Stuff.

Make Money Online - Finally! is an interesting read for anyone blogging or writing articles online for money. This is something I find fun to read, but not sure that I want to tackle myself. Still, I feel like I can pick up a lot of tips here should I ever decide to go into that area.

Bouncing Back From Bankruptcy another every day inspirational blog about one person just trying to get back on track. These are the types of blogs that are great reads when I am feeling all alone or getting depressed about money. There are so many people out there working on giving themselves better lives it's wonderful to see!

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