Thursday, July 17, 2008

PFBuzz and Personal Finance Bloggers

Awhile back, about the time I first started blogging, I joined pfbuzz. I was looking for ways to connect with other folks out there, people who are doing what I am doing - or have already done it.

It is a neat site - a constantly changing compilation of articles by people like myself, who are writing about personal finances. The articles are sorted into categories like Credit and Debt, Making Money, Investing, and my personal favorite, Frugality. I love reading other people's financial blogs, and this gives me a way to get a sampling of other ones that are out there! I have even submitted a few articles myself. The nice part is (other than the fact it is free, which is always good) is that once you sign up you can rate other people's articles. I look for highly rated articles to read, but I also like being able to vote on how useful I personally found the article. If you are at all interested in reading more on the kinds of things I write about and whole lot more, I say - check it out!

Here are a couple of articles I came across today from poking around on there: wrote this interesting piece called How Much Cash Do You Keep at Home?

I had to read that, because frankly - I don't keep any, unless you count my bag full of recyclable pop cans and the change jar I have on my desk. This article makes some good points as to why it might be a good idea... and why it is not a good idea to hide it from burglars! After reading that, I also had to check out his other post, The Best Place to Hide Money: Conversation With a Burglar. Fun stuff - but useful too.

I have said before that Money Blogs Make Me Happy. Sometimes I get a bit depressed when I think about everything that is weighing on me. Reading other blogs help remind me that there are people who are in far worse situations than I am, and that there are people who have come out on top after it. It feels good, like being part of a community.

You know, I would recommend to anyone who is struggling with issues, whether they be financial or family or fixing up a house, that they should find bloggers out there who are writing about it. And I can almost guarantee that if you can think of a topic - there is someone out there writing about it!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Dan, I didn't know about that pfbuzz, thanks for sharing!