Thursday, July 24, 2008

Garage Sale

I am posting this in advance, since Thursday I am going to be spending the day prepping for my garage sale. That’s right - I am having a big sale! Several of my best girlfriends and I are getting together to hang out, enjoy each other’s company, and hopefully sell some junk! I found a fair amount of stuff I could let go while moving, and this will get me ahead for next month - especially after how expensive July has been!

My mother and sister have both chipped into the sale by offering several boxes of stuff. If I get it sold, they are letting me keep the loot. Family can be wonderful! I am looking forward to going through the boxes, since I may find a few treasures I can unload on eBay. I am especially excited about my sister’s stuff - she is a woman with cool stuff. I may find a few items for my sadly empty house. Free stuff is a very good thing!.

In addition mom brought over a whole pile of books I am going to be putting up on and Amazon. More and more I am loving book sales. While it isn’t as steady as eBay, it is far more relaxing. You put the books up... and wait. There is no photo taking or descriptions to write. The downside of course is that Half and Amazon’s commissions are far, far higher.

Photo by lantzilla

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