Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Duh! More Follow Through Funds

Suddenly it hit me - in February I bought a new t-mobile phone. I was supposed to get a rebate check for it. They have a website where you can look up the status of the your check. Mine showed it was processed on 3/18/08... only I never got it.

I remember in late March mentioning it to the friend who suggested t-mobile. He said that I had to wait the full 8 weeks for the rebates to be mailed. I thought this meant 8 weeks after 3/18/08. Well it has been that and then some - so I called. I found out that the check was actually sent on 3/18/08 - but they didn't have my apartment number on file. They are putting a stop payment on it and reissuing it in 7-10 days!

I won't add the money until it hits my mailbox, but here is another bit of income with just a phone call.

EDIT: It was this post by Debt Diet that reminded me that I too had a rebate coming!! Thanks so much!!


Louise said...

Hi and good luck with your goal, the idea of renting the cabiin sounds great, I don't know if this would work in your area but if you don't need the space in the 3 car garage can you rent out garage space?

Dawn said...

Louise - that is a great idea and one I am planning on using! I am still trying to get a feel for how much one rents for in my area, but definitely something I want to look into. Thanks for the suggestion!

Debt Dieter said...

Don't you just love 'found' money? Nice work on following it up.

All those small things add up over time, so keep thinking of other things & ways to find that money for yourself.