Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bicycle Love

Last year as gas prices were starting to soar into the $3 range I bought a bike. (Funny I never thought I would miss the days of $3 gas, did you?)

Now, this is not much of a bike - I got it for $7 at a flea market... and it looks it. It is an old Boss men's 10 speed with two flat tires. The seller threw in the cobwebs and grime for free. The bike has been sitting, sadly waiting for me to give it love, but somehow I have never found the time nor money.

However, now that I am on my new mission to stay out of foreclosure and debt, I figure one way is by riding more and driving less. I found a "bike guy" on Craigslist who will fix it up for $30 plus parts. Sounds like a bargain to me! I dropped it off this morning and my new friend Matt said he'd have it done by tonight. Yay!

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