Friday, March 13, 2009

Taking Surveys for Extra Money

I had a couple of nice little checks today! I just got a $10 check from Socratic Forum. They are one of the paid survey sites that I participate in whenever I can. They typically pay $3 - $5 a survey and you can get the funds in a check or in as an Amazon gift certificate. If you are interested in joining, click here to sign up. Surveys usually take anywhere from 10-25 minutes and I think they are kind of fun. I also do surveys for Pinecone research. I've gotten $6 from them so far this month, which is about typical for me. Their surveys take about the same amount of time and pay $3 a piece. Unfortunately they have very specific ways of signing up. If they give me a referral code I can pass on to you, I will!

I also do some surveys for e-Rewards - they credit my Upromise account. I wrote about joining UPromise awhile back - they are a site that gives you money for college for shopping on certain online stores, resturants and buying certain things in grocery stores. I had to smile - I saw they recently credited my account with $.70 for some dining I did last month while working a nonprofit benefit at a local bar and grill. At this rate it will take a long, long time to pay for a master's degree, but hey, every penny counts!

Speaking of getting money in, I just got my state tax return! I debated on where to record it though...

I have 11 fields at the bottom of my budget to record the various sources of income I get each month. I don't always use all 11, but sometimes I come close! Since I was planning on putting all the money in my emergency account, should it really be recorded there?

I finally decided that while it isn't precisely "income" which is how I think of that area - it is money coming in, and since that is where I record all money coming in, that is where it should go. I also added it to my sidebar up there. Since I don't know how this month will turn out yet (though the no spending challenge is really helping) I may have to use it for bills. We'll just have to see. For now I popped it over into my short term savings account. I can't wait to get the federal return - that will be fun, seeing that money sitting in my emergency account. However, the city tax that I owe? I'm sending that out last minute!

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Miss M said...

I'll have to check out that survey company, I don't belong to them. I do the surveys but I don't make much with them, only once in a while. I think I get DQd either for not having kids or making too much money.

Dawn said...

It tends to be rather technology based, but I get a few bucks here and there from them. I really like Pinecone - I just wish they didn't have such screwy rules for signing up, otherwise I'd invite you all to join.