Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Crazy Mad March

Things might be a little quiet around Fighting Foreclosure for the next couple of weeks, although I am going to try to keep posting frequently. Starting this week I am doing a whole bunch of volunteering. I'll be working for a nonprofit organization on a special project from now until the end of the month. The next two weeks especially are going to be hectic! I will be going straight from my job to the volunteer site and working an additional 4-6 hours each night plus more on the weekends. Why? Because I love it and this is a once in a lifetime opportunity! I don't volunteer nearly as often as I would like because my other responsibilities usually stand in the way, but this time they are doing a project I absolutely had to be a part of. I got a taste of it last night, and even though it will make for some long nights, I am looking forward to it in every way.

I thought that because of my volunteering I wouldn't be able to work at my part time jobs, however, I managed to squeeze out three shifts. This means that on top of working a 40 hour a week job and volunteering another 28-42 hours, I'll also pick up a few 4-5 hour shifts. Am I crazy? Probably.

However, in many ways this is the perfect time to be doing this...

The weather here is not so nice that I could be doing anything outside, but not so miserable that I have to worry too much about driving from one gig to another. The lack of extra income I can earn pushed me to try the No Spending Challenge, which has so far been a wonderful learning experience. On the other hand, I am so busy that I don't have time to shop or run errands, which fits in perfectly with my challenge.

In addition, should the money not come in as hoped this month, I know I have a large windfall in the works in terms of a tax refund. I am planning on putting 100% of that into my emergency fund, but should I need it... well, that is what an emergency fund is for. I would prefer not to have a shortfall, but I can cover it if I do.

I am noticing something else too - because of the Challenge, I have also sworn off pop. (I am not even ordering sodas in restaurants so as not to tempt myself.) In addition, I am also trying to stretch the food I have already in the house by cooking what I have. That way I can hold off grocery shopping as long as possible. Well, guess what? I have lost some weight! I don't know how much (I refuse to own a scale) but some of my clothing is fitting much better. Being a little healthier during times of stress is definitely a bonus! (Don't worry I am not starving myself - the house was well stocked with tasty food.)

March should be a very interesting month!

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Simplelivin' said...

Hello! I just came across your blog and I LOVE IT! That is awesome that you are taking the time to volunteer when you could be using it to make money to reach your $900. Amazing. Thank you for being such an example!

Miss M said...

Wow are you busy, don't kill yourself! It seems like a lot of people have been especially busy lately, something about spring around the corner?? I hope you find some time to eat and sleep, take care of yourself and have fun with your volunteer project.

Dawn said...

Thanks Simplelivin'! You know, it comes down to this - I believe that I am a more effective person when I take good care of myself. I know that volunteering makes me happy. Admittedly, this is a big project and normally wouldn't have undertaken it at this time, but the work is one of those once-in-a-lifetime projects that I would have been kicking myself if I hadn't been a part of. I do volunteer on a regular (though less intense) basis. Giving back is part of what keeps me sane.

Dawn said...

Miss M - I'm a little tired today, but I am still getting 7 hours of sleep a night and eating healthy, so I am hanging in there. Thanks for your concern though! This busy schedule will only be for two and half more weeks, so it is only a temporary situation.