Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Musings - Contemplating the Weeks Ahead

Well, I picked up another Mystery Shopping gig for the end of next week. Usually I do restaurants, but this one is for a regular store. Although I have never been to this particular store before, it is in an industry I am fond of, so I am looking forward to it. If you are looking to pick up some mystery shopping, I found the companies I work with here. (You have to play around with the site a bit, but they have lists of mystery shopping companies you can sign up for.) I signed up for 4 originally and then weeded it down to 2. One of the companies I originally picked didn't send me any work, but did send me a lot of email, and the other had assignments that were all really far away from me. If you want to give Mystery Shopping a try, I recommend it, just have an open mind and don't expect too much out of it.

I also am doing some part time work on Sunday. I've been putting in a lot of hours this week - 40 at the day job and at least another 40 at the volunteer gig. (As of last night I was at 30 hours, I am sure I will have 10 or more in before the week is done.) On top of all that it will be about a four hour work shift on Sunday. I wish I had the day off, but hey, that is the way it goes. Next week things will begin to slow down. I will probably volunteer 15-20 more hours and then the project wraps up on Saturday. Life will get a little bit easier then...

April, so far, looks a little calmer. I don't plan on doing a lot of volunteer work and do plan on picking up some extra work at the end of the month. The part time job should have some availability come the end of April to first part of May. That should be really good.

Because I've been working so much I haven't been to my cabin in a couple months. I always go up there in the winter, but this year it didn't happen. It seemed that every time I had a spare weekend we were hit with a huge snowstorm. I finally marked off some weekends next month that will be dedicated to getting up there. At the very least I need to make sure that everything made it through the winter.

All this makes me realize how happy I am that it is spring! I have so much to do - I am so grateful for the beautiful weather and not having to worry about being stuck in snow anymore!

Photo of Spring flowers by: SantiMB


Miss M said...

Pretty picture! I hope you are able to slow down in the coming weeks, that sort of schedule will wear you out quickly. I bet your cabin is lovely in spring time.

Dawn said...

My cabins is pretty in the spring, of course, there is a lot of yard work to go with it. I can't wait to get up there!!

I thought the photo was quite pretty too! Of course, all credit goes to SantiMB on Flicker at: