Friday, February 27, 2009

The Start of My No Spending Challenge

My No Spending Challenge starts Sunday, but I am already thinking about it. Today I got a coupon in my email box for $5 off a $25 purchase at Rite Aid. That's not a bad deal if I needed anything from there, but I don't (and it can't be used on prescriptions) so I just deleted it. Even though the challenge doesn't officially start until March, I am trying to cut back on spending now. Today I have two purchases I have to make, I have to pick up a prescription and get gas for my vehicle. Tonight I am driving across the state to spend time with some folks over there. That actually should work out well since other than a meal or two out (which I already said wouldn't be included in the No Spending Challenge when it was with other people) I shouldn't need to buy anything. Weekends can be hard for me when I am at home since I have a tendency to work on home improvement projects - which always end up requiring a trip or two to Lowe's. So, this should be a good start to the month.

The trip should take about two and a half hours. Normally I pick up a bottle of juice or ice tea for the road at the gas station, but this time I have my big travel/sports container that I am going to fill up with water before I leave the office. Not only will it be cheaper, but also better for my waistline, though it may inspire an extra stop at the rest stop! If so, I will have to quick walk past the vending machines - I am a sucker for "road food."

Ever notice how once you decide you can't have something, it is the only thing you want?

Here I am at work and I have a gorgeous lunch of a leftover pork chop. beans with garlic and balsamic and homemade applesauce and all I keep craving is going out for fast food. I DON'T EVEN LIKE FAST FOOD!! It isn't fast, it is barely food and it is never cheap! (as opposed to my gorgeous lunch which cost under $3.00 to prepare.) Yet, here I am thinking about how tasty a fillet-o-fish would be right now. I have one or two a year and I swear I am craving one now because I am determined not to buy anything like that.

Don'tcha love how the brain works?

The good news is that I talked to the company accountant about changing my withholding for city taxes. I let him know that I really do live in the city, so he is going to get right on it. He says it has probably been that way for awhile, well over a year. I am guessing I didn't catch it last year because my ex and I were still filing joint taxes at that point and the refund hid the problem. I don't know. I got a copy of the taxes that were filed, but I'll be honest, I didn't go through them as thoroughly as I should have. Plus, I didn't meet with the tax accountant at that point, so if he did mention it to my ex, I didn't hear about it. Ah well, it is water under the bridge as they say. Nothing to do now but get it fixed. It should be solved for the next check which means I will only have two months of improper withholding.

I hope everyone has a pleasant weekend!

I love this photo by: eskimo_jo


Saver Queen said...

Good idea about bringing the sports bottle! You could bring some snacks from home, too - like nuts or muffins. It's so true that it's harder to abstain when you tell yourself you can't have it!! It's like dieting.

Dawn said...

I won't have a chance to go home and pick up goodies, but I do have some trail mix to eat at work before I leave. (Can't eat that in the car - too messy. Sunflower seeds always end up down my blouse.) I also text messaged my friend and they are having a snack waiting for me when I arrive so no need to eat on the road.

Frugalchick said...

"Ever notice how once you decide you can't have something, it is the only thing you want?"

Two of my favorite pairs of casual shoes bit the dust at the end of the summer, and I've really been needing to replace them. I wanted to wait until I "refilled" my clothing fund with today's paycheck. I was so afraid they would sell out, since they are 60% off and only in a couple of sizes. But, now that I have the money, have I pulled the trigger today? No, even though I really want them and will use them a ton. What the heck is wrong with me??

Fit Wallet said...

Since I gave up drinking this week, all I want is a beer!

Enjoy your weekend :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck Dawn :)

Dawn said...

Frugalchick - I understand! Once that frugal bug kicks in, it is hard to let that money go. Something is holding you back for sure.

FitWallet - Me too! Okay, I am not really craving a beer, though I'll raise one to toast you once you complete your challenge. You can do it!

No More Spending - Thanks!!!