Friday, February 27, 2009

The No Spending Challenge - Challenged!

Ha!! My grand plan of my No Spending Challenge was already threatened by my own forgetfulness. Seriously, how does this happen?

One of my best friends, (who also happens read this blog,) sent me an email yesterday that a coworker of hers was selling Girl Scout cookies and while she really wanted to buy them to support the cause, she didn't want them in her house. So, she asked, could she buy me a box? It was such a sweet offer! ...and then I thought, "Hey, I can afford $4.00 or whatever they are now, she can just order them and I will pay for them myself." Moments later it suddenly hit me... they would be due in March - my No Spending month! Hahahahahaaaaa! Tempted to spend money and it is still only February! (I shook her down for some Thin Mints.)

However, with that somewhat rocky start, I bounced back with how I am spending my morning today. My sister called me earlier in the week and said she wanted some "sister time." She and I have both been so busy lately it has been forever since we have seen each other! We were tossing around ideas on when we could get together, maybe lunch or dinner, when I suggested something a little different...

Morning coffee at my house! I don't work until 10:00 a.m. and she has a fairly flexible schedule, so we are getting together in a bit here at my house. My place is conveniently not only located near her place of work, it also happens to be where I wake up in the morning, so the location will be perfect. I happen to have coffee beans, creamer, sugar, mugs and a French Press, so no money will be spent.

I don't plan on including dining out with friends in my No Spending challenge, but finding less expensive ways to spend time with the folks I love is always a good thing. After all, it isn't about the restaurant, it about catching up and building relationships.

I can't wait until she gets here!

Photo by: Bright_Star


J. Money said...

that is too funny...i get the same way during these no spend challenges ;) but i REALLY don't think i could have passed up girl scout cookies! yiiiiiiikes. i think i would have convinced myself that they were an "investment" and/or "donation" and thus it's okay...but luckily i'm not doing a no spend month right now!

Dawn said...

I do love the thin mints!!! YUM! I like to keep them hidden in the freezer for when I am having a bad day. :)