Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mid Month Miscellany

I have a handful of little items I want to write about, but none of them are big enough for their own post, so I thought I would dump this financial drawer out in one post:


I've been slowly working through putting all my tax information together for my accountant. They sent me a really nice workbook that shows all of my taxes from the previous year. It has places where you can mark the changes for 2008, however, so much has changed in the last year that it is almost like starting from scratch. I spent a couple of evenings working on it... then I kind of lost motivation. It sat, like a big fat noxious toadstool, on my counter for a week. On the cover of the worksheet is a request for clients to get their information in before mid-March and I could easily see myself slipping away into procrastination and letting it go until March 14th. In an effort not to let that happen, I decided to call up the accountant and set an appointment, thus giving myself a deadline. I had to laugh - when I called the receptionist said, "Looks like we have an appointment this afternoon at 2:00." I wanted a deadline, but this afternoon was not one I was going to be able to meet!! We set something up for next week.

I was right, the deadline helped, the last couple of days I have spent a little time each day going through the workbook and my papers. I made a list of items I still need to put together, (I'm now down to just charitable contributions and my license fees) and should have everything together by next week. It will be interesting to see what the accountant has to tell me. I have absolutely no feel for how things will turn out.


I was given a blog award! Kari at Not So Normal Girl, nominated me for the honest scrap award. See, here's my trophy:

One of the requirements of this award is to list 10 things honest about yourself. If you want to read them (and more of my miscellany) click "read more"...

Ten Honest Things About Me:

Since this is a financial blog, I'll try to keep them about money & my blog.

1. I am a hermit at heart, yet am blessed with the most amazing friends and family. Sometimes I am surprised they still love me, and yet, they do! They have all be so supportive to me through this process, it sometimes takes my breath away to think about it.

2. Going through all of this has made me a stronger and wiser person (and I continue to grow) but some days I just want to go out and buy a new pair of extravagant shoes.

3. The most I have ever spent on a pair of shoes is $189. I have spent more on handbags. And yes, when the time comes that I can afford it, I'll do it again.*

4. Occasionally, I go to Starbucks. And I like it.

5. I now pick up pennies. Hey, from pennies dollars are made.

6. Sometimes I can't believe I have held out this long. When I started coming up with $900 a month back in June, I was determined to succeed - but also had a fear of failure. I admit, I had some expectations that I would have to go into foreclosure and at one point had a deep conversation with my therapist about it. She had to talk me down from the ceiling with things like, "What is the worst that will happen if the house forecloses? It won't kill you - you will survive." How's that for cheerful? It worked though.

7. I wish I could sew. I'm not much of a seamstress (though ironically I work for some) and by "not much" I mean "not at all." But the other day one of the gals was wearing a fabulous coat she had made from some tapestry material she bought for a $1. It was so sharp! I thought to myself "hmmmmm..." However, right now I can't afford classes (either in class fees or the time) or a sewing machine - even if it was used. But someday I am going to learn, by gum!

8. I love eating out alone. In fact, even more than shoe shopping, this is something I miss. Once upon a time when I had few financial worries, if I was driving home from work and felt hungry, I'd just swing into one of my favorite restaurants and have dinner - just me and a book. I love cooking, but I miss having that freedom.

9. I have really mixed feelings about the house. One minute I can't wait to sell it, the next I am thinking that I could live there for a long, long time. Since the market won't let me sell for the price I want right now anyway, its moot, but I am slightly worried that I will fall in love with the house - and that is definitely not in my plans. I try not to think about it though. Why worry about something I can't control?

10. I have a bit of a fear of credit cards. I think that is because I have consolidated my debt, paid them all off, and promised to never get in debt again... twice. (I am now on time #3.) Now the only credit card I use is for buying gas, and that I pay off each month. I don't regret my debt - some of it came from my wedding, and then later, the rest came from my divorce. The purchases I made, I made for a reason. But, I never want to have "worthless" debt again. By that I mean I debt when you own an asset is one thing (car, home loans) debt from credit card is another. Even though I admire those who use them for rewards programs, that will never be me.


One bit of really good news - the repairman did a wonderful job on my furnace! Yesterday I mentioned that he fixed the small problem I was having, but also found a part that wasn't working properly and was causing my furnace to not run as efficiently as it should. I can really tell the difference! It isn't something you would notice unless you lived at the house, but the furnace sounds a bit different now, a little quieter and a touch smoother. It isn't running as often either. I won't notice a big difference in my bill since I'm on a budget plan and pay the same each month, but it should make a difference in the end. Naturally there is part of me that wishes I had this done in say December rather than February, but there is no sense crying over spilled milk. Instead I'll just be happy that it should make a difference in next year's bills!

* Of course, my definition of being "able to afford it" has changed a lot.

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Miss M said...

COngratulations on the award. I'm a hermit too, actually I like getting out, it's dealing with people that I can't handle. It's hard to really be alone in a city with this many souls. The sound of humanity can't be escaped even within my own house.

Dawn said...

I love staying in, but you are absolutely right... going out would not be bad at all if it weren't for all the other people. That's the reason I pretty much avoid all "box" stores nowadays - I try to only shop at small local places. The prices might be a touch higher but I am helping the local economy and avoiding crowds!

Kristy @ Master Your Card said...

Congrats on the award and thanks for sharing the 10 things about yourself. You know, I'm so glad I'm not the only hermit out there, though to be honest, I'm with Miss M. I love going out, it's just the people I don't really want to deal with. I like a person just fine...notice the singular. But, put people in a large group and it gets ridiculously out of hand. A person is smart, people are idiots. At first I thought maybe I'm just a grump, but I like to watch people and you'll find that the "I" attitude sets in. It's all about number one, which creates selfish issues. Traffic jams, blocked aisles, and much more have been the result of the "I" attitude. But sorry, got off onto a soap box there.

Don't worry about the pennies, Dawn...I do the same thing!

Dawn said...

Kristy - couldn't agree more! The worst for me is in crowded shopping centers - *shudder*.