Monday, February 2, 2009

February In Review

First of all, I want to say "hello and welcome" to all the new readers out there! I've had several people comment that they have just found my blog and I wanted to take a second and thank you for stopping by. I also want to thank all the folks that come by day after day - you guys are wonderful! Readers always put a sparkle on my day!

I also want to present an opportunity for you to ask me a question or two. If there is anything I haven't explained very well, or if you are new to the blog, or if there is just something you have always wondered about - please, leave me a comment. If we know each other quite well and you have a question you've always wanted to know - here's your chance! (Leave them anonymously if you wish.)

So, as far as my $900 a month goal goes - January was a bust. I suspected it was going to be a tough month when I realized that I didn't have any of my part time job income coming in. In the few months that I have had it, I have already come to really rely on it! This month however, I have part time job income from PTJ #1 and PTJ #2. I've been doing work for PTJ #1 the last couple of weekends and have a few more evenings there this upcoming weekend. That will pay in February. PTJ #2 has me working for them 3 weeks of the year. Next week will be one of those weeks - I tell you, it couldn't have come at a better time.

Although I didn't make my $900 goal this month, I certainly made a valiant effort! Good thing I had considerable surplus in December! Here's a look at all my 2009 goals and how I did:


One month of emergency savings - I currently have about a third of this goal completed. Since I was able to add to this account this month and (so far) have not had to withdrawal from it, I consider this goal on track.

Credit card paid off - This was another success. Some of December's surplus went to the card and again, nothing was added to it. I am currently on track for having it paid off by midyear.

Three eBay items per week - I almost made this goal. I did great for the first three weeks of the month, but during the last week I became extremely busy with work. Since that is my main source of income, that had to come first. I still managed to relist a few things, but it wasn't quite as successful as I had hoped. This month will be better!

Get an additional $900 per month - Didn't make this one at all. Again, February will be a much better month - I can feel it!

Home Improvement

Paint my house - The label on this one is neither green nor red. I left this one black since there wasn't anything I could do on this project this month. This is going to have to wait until spring when it will be time to start getting quotes.

Create a compost pile - Much like the one above, there isn't much I can do about this until spring, so why do I give it the green header of success? Because I found a book on this subject and read it. Baby steps towards a goal is certainly success!

Winterize my home in preparation for next year - Moderate success. I didn't make my January "to-do" list on paper, but I have it in my head. The next step is to put it on paper so I can work through and check the items off. Somehow I think we'll have plenty of cold weather in February to help me make sure that everything is on the list that needs to be! I did, however, install heat tape this month on the one pipe I have that is likely to freeze. Since it can just stay up, that is one item already done for next year.

Paint my bedroom - Again, this gets the celery colored header of "well, I tried." While I didn't buy paint, I did do some massive shopping for new light fixtures. I need to replace two wall sconces that came with the house and look like something out of Miami Vice. I scoured the resale and thrift shops this weekend, but didn't find much. So far, my best option seems to be eBay were I have found a number of them very reasonably priced. Then, I plan on turning around and selling my old sconces on eBay to a Don Johnson fan.

Fix up my attic - Dismal failure. I don't even think I went up in the attic this month! Ah well, it may become a spring project.


Self Schooling - I had two great opportunities for lectures in my area of study... but ended up having to work during one and the other was during an evening we were having a huge snow storm. The same group is offering another lecture this month... and again I am working. Fortunately they offer them every month, so there will be future opportunities. However, I think I need to pick up some books at my local library so when I have months like this I can still educate myself.

Gratitude Journal - I've been writing down 10 things I am grateful for each night before going to bed. I admit, that I am not always as perfect at doing this every single night (the way I would like to be) but I did do it most nights. It is really helpful for putting my life in perspective and reminding me of all the ways I am blessed.

A few other things...

This was an expensive month and packed with unexpected bills, however, I did come under my budget in a few areas that I can control: dining out, groceries and auto fuel were all down considerably. However, home repair, cell phone and that dangerous "Misc." category were all up. eBay income was up quite a bit, since I was actually listing things again, but all other forms of income was down.

So, let's see what the next month brings, shall we? Don't forget, if there is something you would like to know about me, my blog, or anything at all, just leave me a comment!

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Catie said...

January WAS an evil, expensive month. I would like to congratulate you on coming up with $500+ without the benefit of any of your part time income involved. I think that's impressive!

Dawn said...

Thanks Miss Catie!! I was pretty proud of it too. Can you imagine how fun it is going to be when I don't have to scrounge $900 anymore, but can still pull in an extra $500 a month when I need too? Ha! I can't wait!