Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Survey Sites I Like

Do you do surveys?

Personally, I think they are kind of fun. I don't do every type of survey that comes along, in fact, I keep it down to just three companies that I like. That also keeps the spam down as well! Much like Mystery Shopping, it isn't a big source of income, but I get a few bucks here and there and that has all helped towards the goal. I was working on my final numbers for the month and I realized I got almost $20 from surveys in June. That is almost double from what I usually get. If you have a few minutes throughout the day and you think they sound like fun, here are the three I do:

Pinecone - Pinecone pays cash, typically $3 per survey. For awhile I was doing several of these a month, but they have slowed down a little. I am sure the economy put a bit of a damper on it! Still, I got one today and it was kind of fun. In addition, they occasionally send you products to try in the home and then report back. You get to keep the product and get $3 for each follow up survey about how you liked it. Pinecone has very strict sign up requirements, though. The only way to sign up is to find one of their ads or get an invitation link from a member. These links are only good for a limited time. Fortunately, I got one last week, so I can pass it on to all of you. If doing surveys sounds like fun, click here.

MySurvey - MySurvey gives you points that you can use towards cash or gift certificates. Honestly, the points are fairly small so it can take quite awhile to earn up enough, however, the bright side is that surveys tend to be very fun and very short. When they have ones that run a little longer, those pay more points. This is one of the reasons I good month - I just got a $10 check from MySurvey last week!

The other site I like, I have written about before...

Socratic Forum Surveys - They tend to have a lot of technology based surveys. If you are the owner of your own company, work in any kind of IT Field or are a buyer for technology, you will get quite a few opportunities with them. Socratic pays out in cash or the better deal is with Amazon gift cards. I have gotten about $15 - $20 in gift cards from them.

A few other things I do - UPromise also has surveys you can do. I have written about them quite a bit, mostly because I love their program. They give you money towards college (and it is transferable so you can give it towards your niece or Godchild or mother - whoever is going to school.) You can get the money through buying certain things at grocery stores, shopping online, filling out surveys or shopping at local restaurants that are a part of the program. It just so happens that several of my favorite watering holes use the program, so I get more that way, but I will usually do the surveys too.

Just as one last note along this subject - I have also been having fun with Swagbucks lately. It's a search site, sort of like Google, that rewards you in points (aka Swag "bucks") that you can turn in for gift certificates from Amazon as well as a bunch of other things. Honestly, this is probably one of the fastest payouts - a $5 gift certificate is only 45 Swagbucks, and you can easily get a couple a day.

None of these are going to make your fortune, or even pay your cell phone bill, but they are kind of fun ways to snowflake a few extra shekels.

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CompareRewards said...

There are a couple of rewards programs that pay you $.75-$1.00 per survey DAILY and you can do up to 3. Be sure you check out (my fave, because you can opt to get paid by PayPal with no minimum required for payment -- they credit fast and you're usually paid within 48 hours of requesting it), and (both nice programs but points-based with minimums required for payment).

MyPoints also offers surveys but they pay so little, it's almost not worth your while.

Hope this helps -- wish you the best on your Getting $900 goal!

Dawn said...

CompareRewards - Thanks for the great tips!! I appreciate it. I agree on MyPoints - I ran into the same thing.