Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Great Way to Sell Your Old iPhone

This afternoon I have a guest post for you from my friend David. I love hearing stories about how people are able to save money or make it in unusual ways, so I thought I would pass this along -

From David -

I have the first generation iPhone. Works great. Doesn't have the few additional features that the last upgrade has (GPS, faster network connection), so I decided that I would upgrade to the new iPhone that is coming out tomorrow.

Because I'm at the end of my contract, AT&T will subsidize most of the cost of the phone, leaving me to pay $199.

I figured that I would put my old phone up on ebay. Probably get about $50.

But then I saw this article on and I took their suggestion and went to Their system made me an offer......

of $104.95! And they're paying for the shipping and sending me a box!

Part of the reason why they're offering so much is that I kept all the original packaging and have all the original accessories. It pays to be a geek-pack-rat!

Way to go David!! I admit, I am terrible about keeping all the packaging. I get annoyed by all those boxes laying around. However, if you have got the space it certainly sounds like it is worth keeping it. Now that I am living in a house with a basement I have a lot more room for it. Of course, I am always on the end of the curve when it comes to technology... my last cell phone I was able to turn in for a whopping $8!

What about you? Have you had any success doing things like this?

Photo by: armintalic


J. Money said...

gotta love that! getting an iPhone myself next week and soooo freakin' excited - i can't believe i actually have gone this long w/out one ;)

Dawn said...

My friends love them! I admit, it is one of the few times I have technology envy. :)