Saturday, April 4, 2009

Professional Beauty Care is Not in the Budget

My day off on Thursday was really nice. I had gotten a gift certificate for a spa package for my birthday last fall and I have been hanging on to it for awhile now. I had been just waiting for a time when I was feeling particularly stressed so I could use it to its full effect! The gift certificate was for a full massage, pedicure, manicure and hair cut. I decided to split it in two, (thus savoring it all the longer,) and just use the massage and pedicure appointments this time.

The massage was wonderful! The best part about it was the therapist didn't try to talk to me. Its a personal pet peeve of mine when massage therapists want to have conversations with me. If you have a chatty client, all well and good, but I'm going to be dead to the world, deep in relaxation. Let's not make it uncomfortable for both of us by trying to fill it with chatter, ok? Anyway, the gal I had was great! I did splurge a little on the pedicure - they had an upgrade to their "margarita" package which included a lime soak, lime salt rub and lime lotions. It was fabulous! Any other scent and I wouldn't have upgraded, but lime is one of my all time favorites. So, for just the cost of the upgrade and tips, I had a wonderful couple of hours.

It isn't something I could do on my own though...

The massage alone would have run me over $70... and that is without tip! Let's face it, the way things are right now with my money, I couldn't afford to be doing it. There was a time, back when I was having a lot of back problems, that I used to get a massage every couple of months, but that is out the question currently. Pedicures are a little more reasonable... but also something I feel I can do myself. I have a collection of great nail polishes, brushes, files, lotions, even fizzy salts for long hot water soaks. The same thing goes with manicures. I love having my nails done, but again, this is something I can do myself. Not quite as well perhaps, but at absolutely no cost. Once and a great while my sister and I will get lattes and go get manicures together, maybe once every three or four months. That's a little different though. We don't go to a high end salon, for starters, and for another, it is just as much (if not more) about the social time than anything else.

I'm lucky when it comes to hair. Mine is fairly low maintenance. I love having it colored, but I also like its natural color. I don't get it trimmed nearly as often as I should, but with my hair style, I can stretch it out a little longer than most. Actually, I am probably due pretty soon, I may be using that other part of the gift certificate sooner rather than later!

I asked the pedicurist how business was, and not to my surprise, she said things were pretty slow. She said it wasn't completely dead, but she was seriously reconsidering her yearly fall vacation and had put some of her home remodeling plans on the back burner. I would think with spring break around the corner she might get a burst of business, but it doesn't surprise me at all that she is having a slow spring.

What about you? Are you cutting back on these types of "extras"? Are you doing your own nails? How about your own color? Anyone buy a Flowbee yet?

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rinny said...

Hello, I'm really enjoying your blog (I think I came thru from the Over the Cubicle Blog). Hope it all works out for you and your goals!

That One Caveman said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your spa package and I completely understand with these things being "not in the budget." What I've done is to set up a jar (I've hidden it so my wife doesn't know about it) and I put extra spare cash into it regularly. I intend to treat us to a nice couples massage and spa day for our anniversary.

Every now and then you have to do something to keep your sanity. For us, it will be a nice day away from the kids, enjoying each other's company as a young married couple - instead of a young married couple with two young kids. :)

Frugalchick said...

I've never been a spa/salon type of girl--I go in for routine haircuts and that's IT. People always seem surprised by that--I think because I think fashion is so much fun, heh.

Sounds like you had a wonderful time though!

Simplelivin' said...

That sounds wonderful!!!

I think I've only gotten my nails done once, maybe twice in my life, so it's kind of hard for me to say I'm cutting back. :-)
Until recently I've had long hair, and since it's stick straight it's really easy for a friend or someone I know to trim it.
We don't have it budgeted for anything like that since hubby's mom cuts his hair, and my sister's a hairdresser.

Catie said...

I throw all my spare change into a jar and that is my mad money for times when I absolutely feel that I need a treat.

Dawn said...

Rinny - Thanks and welcome! I appreciate you stopping by and saying "hello"!

That One Caveman - Awww... that is so sweet! What a lovely anniversary present that will be. I don't have kids, but I agree about getting some time away from the every day. It is also so important for keeping romance kindled!

Frugalchick - I DID have a great time thank you! I love all the spa treatments, but hate the cost. For now I am going to be just like you. Routine haircuts only.

Simplelivin' - Getting nails done can be fun if you make it an event. I wouldn't want it to become routine though, I think it would lose half the fun! Sounds like you have some great options for haircuts - always nice to have!

Catie - That is a really good idea! I have a spare change jar, but haven't decided what to do with that money. I like the idea of it being mad money for when a treat is needed!

Miss M said...

Fortunately I'm not a spa girl either, I tend to do all my beauty routines myself. Therefore, these things are never in my budget. It's great you got this treat!

Dawn said...

Miss M - That is how I have become too. It was really nice to take the day off and spend some time on "me" though.