Thursday, October 16, 2008

nVision CFLS - Quality Issues?

I have been trying various types of compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) to see how I like them, how well they work, and whether they will effect my budget. Overall I have really liked the effect they have had on my bottom line, but I am certainly not happy with the nVision bulb I installed in my kitchen! I put it in August and already it is burned out!

This is not an oddball fixture - it is the hanging light I have over my kitchen sink, and it takes a standard bulb. I have been using it quite a bit lately, since I've been trying to cut down on the amount of electricity that is used by my other can-style kitchen lights. It always gets at least 15 minutes or longer to warm up, so it isn't like that is the problem.

Well, so much for lasting 3-5 years! I guess I am just going to assume that this was a defective bulb and replace it. I haven't been happy with the nVisions anyway, so it will definitely be with a different brand.

For now I am going to carefully pack it away in a small box that I will keep with my other light bulbs near the basement stairs. These bulbs require special recycling, so I will wait until I have a few to deal with. I figure as long as I keep them safe from breakage, I can store up a few before I have to get them to the recycling center.

Fortunately, I just got a coupon for Lowe's and I hear that Menard's has cfls on sale as part of a energy initiative for Michigan, so I have some options on getting a new one. I will replace this bulb and there are a couple of other ones I would like to change the incandescent out on. I am still struggling with the quality of the light, so I am now just trying to make sure that I have one cfl light fixture in each room as a supplement to my incandescents.

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