Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Just a Little Vent - Pet Peeves

Ah... pet peeves, everyone has them. From people who don't use their blinkers to people who use them for too long, all of us have those little things that drive us completely buggy. I have two: people who park in my parking place and bad directions.

When it comes to parking places, I am not talking about the one spot in the company lot that you always park in and everyone knows is yours. I'm talking about assigned parking places. In two of the apartments that I lived I had assigned spots and nothing would send me from 0 to 60 faster than someone putting their car in my space. Fortunately, one of the great things about owning your own house with its own driveway and its own garage is no one parks in my parking spot anymore.

My other issue isn't so easily solved...

Bad directions - how I hate them! I'll be honest, I am rather directionally challenged. Actually, let me qualify that - if I am somewhere I have been before, I have an incredible memory and know my way unerringly. Drop me in the middle of Las Vegas (and I am not talking about The Strip here, people*) and I can get you pretty much anywhere. In my hometown, I know my way around. However, I've never been one of those people who could be set down in the middle of a crowded random city street on a cloudy day and instantly find north, nor am I one of those folks who says, "Well, if X is to the east and Y is to the north, logically we just need to find a one way street and then turn right at the third stop sign."

Last night I had to find somewhere and was given the following directions, "Oh, we are right behind (emphasis hers) BigMajorName grocery store. Just walk in and we'll be in the atrium." Okay, so I knew where the grocery store was, I knew about the road behind it - I jotted down the address just in case and headed off to my location. Guess what? The only building behind the grocery store was an athletic center - which was not what I was looking for. The guys inside were very nice though. Since it was after 8:00 in Michigan, it was pitch dark - and none of the buildings seemed to have addresses on them. After 20 minutes of driving around in the dark, feeling frustrated, I finally called a helpline who was (thank goodness) with someone with a computer. The building I was looking for was actually to the west of the grocery store - not behind it at all really. It was actually down a weird side road behind a hotel. Could she not have just said that??

How does this all fit in with my personal finance blog? Well, last night was a strain on my time, energy, gas and aggrevation. I could feel money rolling out of my gas tank as I drove down the same road for the seventh time. Plus, I have a very short fuse lately -it was a hassle I did not need.

What about you? What are your pet peeves? What drives you crazy? Does it affect you financially or just make your heart rate soar?

Photo of adorbale Pet Peeves by: Kodamakitty

*Yes, there is more to Las Vegas than the strip - really.

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